How many of these categories are you active in ??

A)   Children, Pets, Seniors, Family Time

B)   Music, Theater, Books, Gaming

C)  Careers,  Finances, Politics

D)  Sports, Gardening, Camping, Hobbies

E)  Causes, Volunteering, Religion

Maslovs Pyramid of Human Needs states that we advance ( and sometimes retreat) through 5 levels of emotional existence.

1st is  Physiological           ( food , water, air , sustenance)

2nd is Safety                         ( employment, health, family, morality)

3rd is Belonging                   ( friendship, family, to be loved)

4th is Esteem                          ( confidence, achievment , respect)

5th is Self Actualization      ( creativity, lack of prejudice,                                                                                               acceptance of others)

         Float Strategy  =  facing life on a timeline

                  Where do you spend your time ?

                        Did you know : Childhood is only 216 months long?        

                            and    A  30 year Career is only  360 months  ?

 Who Manages your daily  behavior, and thusly you and your family's future  ?

 How you use your time is crucial for everything that is      important in your life, and the lives of others ( and things ) that are important  to you.                  

                                            F E A R                                                                                False Expectations Appearing Real

  Do you fear retirement, old age, or kids growing up ?  OR

are you LUCKy  ( Laboring under correct knowledge )  ?

Habits begin as offhanded remarks, ideas and images. And then, layer upon layer, through practice, they grow from cobwebs into cables that shackle or strengthen our lives - Denis Waitley