"You can have what you want in  life if        you will just help enough  people get        what they want"     - Zig Ziglar

                     Second Chances

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     that may allow a second chance acct.


           My concepts are based on my

          30+ years of study and application

           of the books and videos of  

           Denis Waitley, Ken Blanchard,

           Jim Rohn, Matthew Kelly,

          Zig Ziglarand Napoleon Hill.     

            My Business Services

     CADR+ Call a Doctor Plus Tele-medicine

      Event Promotion ( Music, Movies, Concerts)

         Consultant  w/ John Basmajian Agency

         Alternative methods  for College $aving$   

     Richard L. Bibbee FICF      ( Life & Health Insurance)



                       A C T I O N S

  Where do you channel your actions ?  

          " Work Harder on yourself, 

   than you do on your job" - Jim Rohn

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